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Get this amazing pack of 50 mobile eBooks. This pack contains ebooks that belong to different branches of science. This ebooks pack contains following eBooks.

  1. A Brief History of Time – Stephen Hawking Grover Gardner
  2. A Briefer History of Time – Stephen Hawking
  3. A More Perfect Heaven – Dava Sobel
  4. A Planet of Viruses – Carl Zimmer
  5. A World Without Ice – H. N. Pollack
  6. Absolutely Small – Michael D. Fayer
  7. Alice in Quantumland_ An Allegory of Quantum Physics – Robert Gilmore
  8. Alone Together_ Why We Expect More From Technology and Less From Each Other – Sherry Turkle
  9. Anatomy of an Epidemic – Robert Whitaker
  10. Bad Science – Ben Goldacre
  11. Breakthrough!_ How the 10 Greatest Discoveries in Medicine Saved Millions and Changed Our View of the World – Jon Queijo
  12. Catching Fire_ How Cooking Made Us Human – Richard Wrangham
  13. Cathedral, Forge, and Waterwheel_ Technology and Invention in the Middle Ages – Frances Gies _ Joseph Gies
  14. Chaos – James Gleick
  15. Collider – Paul Halpern
  16. Coming of Age in the Milky Way – Timothy Ferris
  17. Complexity_ A Guided Tour – Melanie Mitchell
  18. Cosmos – Carl Sagan
  19. Curious Folks Ask_ 162 Real Answers on Amazing Inventions, Fascinating Products, and Medical Mysteries – Sherry Seethaler
  20. Darwin Slept Here – Eric N. Simons
  21. Darwin_s Island_ The Galapagos in the Garden of England – Steve Jones
  22. Deadly Choices_ How the Anti-Vaccine Movement Threatens Us All – Paul A. Offit
  23. Death by Black Hole_ And Other Cosmic Quandaries – Neil deGrasse Tyson
  24. Death From the Skies! – Philip Tate Phd. _ Philip C. Plait
  25. Demon Fish_ Travels Through the Hidden World of Sharks – Juliet Eilperin
  26. Denialism_ How Irrational Thinking Hinders Scientific Progress, Harms the Planet and Threatens Our Lives – Michael Specter
  27. Dirt_ The Erosion of Civilizations – David R. Montgomery
  28. Drunkard_s Walk – Leonard Mlodinow
  29. Ecological Intelligence_ Rediscovering Ourselves in Nature – Ian McCallum
  30. Edison and the Electric Chair_ A Story of Light and Death – Mark Essig
  31. Eels_ An Exploration, From New Zealand to the Sargasso, of the World_s Most Mysterious Fish – James Prosek
  32. Engineers of Dreams_ Great Bridge Builders and the Spanning of America – Henry Petroski
  33. Everything Is Going to Kill Everybody_ The Terrifyingly Real Ways the World Wants You Dead – Robert Brockway
  34. Everyware_ The Dawning Age of Ubiquitous Computing – Adam Greenfield
  35. Extraterrestrial Civilizations – Isaac Asimov
  36. Fingerprints of God_ The Search for the Science of Spirituality – Barbara Bradley Hagerty
  37. From Eternity to Here – Sean Carroll
  38. Galileo_s Daughter_ A Historical Memoir of Science, Faith, and Love – Dava Sobel
  39. Genius_ The Life and Science of Richard Feynman – James Gleick
  40. Gut Feelings – Gerd Gigerenzer
  41. Honeybee Democracy – Thomas D. Seeley
  42. How God Changes Your Brain – Andrew Newberg, M. D. _ Mark Robert Waldman
  43. How I Killed Pluto and Why It Had It Coming – Mike Brown
  44. How We Decide – Jonah Lehrer
  45. How We Die_ Reflections on Life_s Final Chapter – Sherwin B. Nuland
  46. Hubble Space Telescope_ New Views of the Universe – Mark Voit
  47. Human – Michael S. Gazzaniga
  48. I Am a Strange Loop – Douglas R. Hofstadter
  49. Illustrated Theory of Everything_ The Origin and Fate of the Universe – Stephen Hawking
  50. Insectopedia – Hugh Raffles

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