FREAK Hoodie – Trippy Dogs – XS / White

FREAK Hoodie - Trippy Dogs - XS / White 1
FREAK Hoodie - Trippy Dogs - XS / White 2

TRIPPY DOGS. Are you a high dreamer? We are all born with the ability to imagine and create. This is what makes us human. It’s why we have art, music, literature, Science and technology. It’s why we explore new places and ideas and it’s why we love Trippy Dogs so much! Our FREAK hoodies are designed to inspire curiosity in others while reminding them that they can do anything they set their mind to. So go on… Be curious! Explore! Dream big dreams! Live your life like a trippy dog chasing its tail because there is no limit to what you can accomp

Source by JFreak7sr

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